6 Tips on Purchasing Quilting Machines

Quilting machines are quite popular right now, and they make an excellent Christmas gift idea. If you are buying a sewing machine with quilting capabilities for somebody else, you may not know what to look for. There are many different options available on the market. They not only have many different sewing features, but the price range can be overwhelming as well. What you need to know is the main characteristics of the sewing quilting machine that make sewing and quilting easy. 

So here are some of the elements of good sewing quilting machine to consider before buying: 

1. How easy is it to thread the machine? Using the machine will require changing the thread often, so being able to do so easily and quickly is a great benefit in sewing quilting machine. Portable Sewing Machine

2. How difficult is it to change various parts of the machine? If you can do it in a snap, this saves a lot of time. This is especially important with more complicated sewing designs when you need to change the foot or sewing plate to do different stitches. 

3. Do you have an extra working space while quilting? Some machines offer extension table in addition to the regular table for easier maneuvers while quilting. 

4. Is there enough bar length? Bar length is a distance between the motor and the needle. This feature determines how many layers of fabric can be used in the quilt or the regular sewing. 

5. How easy is it to change the bobbin? New machines offer a very easy option when there is no bobbin case like in the older machines. Some of them have a clear cover when you can see how much thread there is left or even what is the color of the thread. 

6. How many stitches machines is offering but also how difficult it is to change them? More stitches you can use, better your design will look. But on the other hand with many different stitches it is important for the machine to be computerized, but not to be too complicated. 

These are the most significant things you should look for when shopping for quilting machines. After all, quilting should be fun not frustration. Being able to do it nice and quick can make a whole difference for the sewer. 

Besides, most major manufacturers have their website, which makes it much easier to research about the machines. You can either choose the type you want and then try and locate a second-hand one, or else use the websites to check up on a machine you've been offered. Many manufacturers will send you further information about a particular model if you request it. 


Whether you're buying a new or used model, it's always advisable to take a look at the machine before buying it. The manufacturer may have dealers in your area that you can visit. Or visit a store which stocks a range of models so that you can test a variety of the machines and find one that suits you. Sometimes there are trade shows where many manufacturers bring their machines, which is a great chance to find them all in one place and ask lots of questions. Sewing Cabinets