How to Properly Maintain Your Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a handy appliance and you will be able to enjoy it if it is properly maintained. Regular maintenance is required if you want to use it efficiently and for a long time. You will prolong its life and will work perfectly if you take a few simple maintenance steps.

Thus the following are some simple tips on how to take care of the sewing machines: 


Clean the Throat Plate
For this you need to take out the throat plate (the metal plate beneath the foot). Remove the small screws used to fix it and put them aside while you clean the unit. Your sewing machines was accompanied with a cleaning brush, so use it to brush out the collected debris and dust. Areas that are hard to reach can be cleaned with a hand held vacuum, if you have one. Also, use soft cloth to get rid of any accumulated oil and grime on the area. 


Clean the Bobbin Area
The area can be clean similarly as you clean the throat plate. Use a brush along with a soft cloth to get rid of all debris and dust that you can find in the area. Computerized Sewing Machine


Oil the Unit
The sewing machines requires oil specially made for such machines, so follow the user's manual instruction to oil your sewing machine.Use a piece of material you no longer need to make a few stitches to eliminate the accumulated extra oil, preventing thus ruining your other sewing projects. 


Tighten Any Loose Screws 

After some usage of the sewing machines, screw can become loose which can further lead to problems. In order to avoid potential problems, tighten all screws on a regular basis. Check your manual for the screwdriver that fit the screws. 


Maintain the Working Area as Clean as Possible
While you maintain the sewing machines, take the time and make sure the working area is also nice and clean. Have a clean working area by getting rid of bits of fabric, dust and lint on a regular basis. Thread Serger and Cover Hem 


Also, to easily find everything you need, make sure you organize all your threads, accessories and sewing drawers. If you are well organized you have the first and most important premise to a smooth sewing project.A properly maintained machine along with a clean and organized working area will give you satisfaction and enjoyment while you work on your projects. Sewing Cabinets