Sewing Machine for Quilters, quilting machine

Quilting can become much easier when you have the right machine, whether you’re an advanced free-motion quilter or just a beginner it is essential to have the right equipment so as to make your work more easy,  Here are the best sewing-machines for Quilter. Quilting Machines


1.  Brother HC1850


Brother HC1850 is the best machine for beginner quitters; quite affordable and computerized to do many things with just one press of a button. Some of the important features that makes Brother HC1850 great for quilting are; its 130 built-in stitches and front size-stitch flip chart will help you in decorating the quilt using different stitching patterns. It also has fronts for monogramming as well as decorative and 14- stitches functions meant for quilting and heirloom stitching.


In addition, Brother HC1850 is a stylish-sewing machine that has an extension table to enable you handles bigger projects or even quilts much easier. This extension table is not permanently attached to the sewing machine thus; you can just detach it from the machine for easy storage of the machine when it’s not in use. It has 8 tyles of 1 step auto-button holes. Long Arm Quilting Machines


2.  Singer Modern Quilter-8500Q


It is among the straight-stitch only machine; stitches fastest at a speed of 1600 stitches per minute. Among the great features that the Singer 8500Q entails are; up and down needle setting, automatic-needle threader as well as knee lifter lever. The knee lift enables one to use both hands every-time while working with quilts. It also has variable speed control to suit both the experienced seamstress and beginners.


Other features include a ¼ presser foot, darning plate, a free motion-foot, a narrow rolled hem-foot and lastly a bigger working space that measures 8.75”

*4.76 (throat) as the extensional table provides 22.5” of the total workplace. In addition, its bobbing can be accessed from the sides which make it faster and easy to change thread. The shortcoming of this Singer-8500Q is that; its feed dogs can’t be lowered though it has a darning plate making free motion work possible and easy.


3.  Juki TL-2010Q-Long-Arm Quilting machine- Optional Frame


A sewing machine with a large as well as functional quilting frame can yield great result and enable you have beautiful quits with ease as well as speed. It features include a large throat-area, automatic thread trimming and variable speed control, ¼ inch & 1/5 inch quilting feet, up/down control, sub-tension unit, knee lift lever, automatic needle trimming and lastly walking foot.


Its free dogs can be lowered and raised making free motion project much easier. Juki TL is a straight stitch only machine thus the stitches often be straight as well as true. The only loophole in Juki TL-2010Q is that it lacks stitch regulator.


Juki TL is a mechanical-machine and not computerized therefore, in-case of a malfunction then it will much easier as well as less expensive repair. You can combine your machine with frame like the Gracie-King frame to produce beautiful quilts easily and much faster. 


4.  Janome MC-6300P Professional


This is a heavy duty and computerized quilting sewing machine. Its features include 66 stitches with 4 button-holes, drop feed control and a knee lift. Apart from these, it has a LED display area which makes this machine to be more professional as well as easy to use.


Additional features include automatic thread cutter, the script and block monogram stitches. What make this machine great is its efficient speed, power and precision which is essential for solving more advanced sewing problems with the help of its great features. It operates at a speed of more than 1000 stitches/ minute which means you’ll finish your work more faster. Janome Memory Craft 6300P Sewing Machine