Thread Serger

The serger is an exciting advancement of the regular sewing machine. It sews differently " faster, stronger, better.Hand sewing was slow and arduous. Thread Serger
The regular sewing machine makes a locked stitch. Sergers, on the other hand, make overlocking stitches and chain stitches. Sergers overcast the edge of the fabric while seaming and trimming. 
Exactly, what do you do with a serger anyway? The applications of serging are almost without limit. One might say, any sewing project can be done faster, easier, and better with a serger. The serger does not replace the ordinary sewing machine. They sew differently and in some cases sew with very different purposes, but a serger makes a fabulous companion to your standard sewing machine. 
All standard sewing machines loop pretty much the same, but sergers are distinctively different. Sergers are more boxy with no large openings. They have more needles, more tension assemblies, and loopers instead of bobbins and hooks. 
There are many different configurations of sergers with two, three, four, five, six, seven, or eight stitches. Two thread sergers can be used to make two thread overedge, flatlock, wrapped seam, rolled edge, and chain stitches. Three thread sergers make three thread overlock, flatlock, wrapped, and rolled edge stitches. Four thread applications make our thread overlock and safety stitches. Five thread applications make cover stitches and safety stitches. Six, seven, and eight thread applications are mostly decorative applications with safety stitches. The most notable configuration on the market today is known as a three " four thread serger. Usually, these sergers can perform two thread, three thread, and four thread applications. High-end sergers add a broad range of features and capabilities. Thread Serger and Cover Hem
If it can be sewn on a straight stitch regular sewing machine, it can be sewn faster, better, and stronger on a serger. There are so many possibilities for serging one might be tempted to try and get along with just a serger. Together with a standard sewing machine, there is virtually no limit to creativity. Clothing, pillows, decorative items, quilts, you name it, and your serger can do it. Beading, braid, casings, couching, edging, fagoting, gathering, heirloom, just keep imagining all the things you can do. Sewing Cabinets