Tips To Keep Your Quilting Machine In Good Shape

Do you know what a quilting machine is? Do you know how it works? Almost everyone knows the basic functions of a quilting machine. Apart from knowing their function, you should also know how to them in good shape. Below are general tips to keep your quilting machine in good shape.


1. keep the machine covered

covering the machine will ensure that dust that settles on your machine will work with moving parts and will eventually turn the lubricating oil into gunk. 


2. Pedals

Don't forget to keep the pedals as clean as possible since they are residing on the floor; the pedals are subjected to more dust. Long Arm Quilting Machines

3. Pull the plug

Before any cleaning or lubrication, your machine should be unplugged.


4. Provide lint the brush off

The machine involves piercing fabric with several small holes. The process will produce lint that will gunk up the work, reducing the machine lifespan. Therefore keep a small lint brush on your quilting table. Sewing Cabinets


5. Clean the exterior

If the cover and the surface of your machine becomes dirty, you should clean it with a damp, soft cloth containing mild soap solution.


6. Tweeze the stubborn stuff

Don't give up on the little bits of thread that your brush can't pull out. You can use tweezers to get rid of the stuff. Also, a blast of compressed air will do a nice job.


7. Floss your machine

Ensure to slide the edges of your machine to banish the fuzziest with a thin piece of muslin between the tension disks. Ensure the presser foot is in the top position. If muslin isn't available, try to spin with a credit card between the disks to loosen the dust. Quilting Supplies


8. Avoid oil.

Use only the preferred oil for lubrication for your machine. Other available lubricants may tend to dry too fast causing your machine to seize and stop.


9. Thorough servicing

If your machine is giving you troubles, a thorough servicing may be required which may also entail cleaning. Sewing Machines Supplies