Which Embroidery Machine to Buy?

When you decide to get into the world of embroidery machines, you will find there are many to choose from. The price tags range from a few hundreds to over 10 thousand dollars so you need to be very sure of what you are getting so you do not get ripped. So, how can you determine which one to take home? Here are some questions to have at the back of your mind?  Embroidery Machines

What will you be using the embroidery machine for?

A machine that will suit a beginner is very different from one that will suit a veteran in the embroidery industry. If you intend to use the machine to practice or do embroidery for leisure or as a hobby, it is best to invest in a machine that is affordable. If the machine is for commercial use on the other hand, you need to invest in one that is fast and heavy-duty both of which come at an extra cost. In business, you will want a machine that can make stitches fast and handle the heavy workload, something that a home machine cannot do. Computerized Sewing Machines

How much embroidery area do you need?

This will depend on the designs you work with. This is the area where you will be able to sew designs without needing to re-hoop. Some embroidery machines will have a field size of 4” by 4” whereas other will have fields larger than 10” by 16”. If a smaller area will suit you needs then such a machine is the better option but if you need more be ready to spend more. embroidery Machines

How much are you willing to pay?

Home machines prices range from $500 to $7000 whereas commercial ones start from $7000 to over $40,000 for the multi-thread type. Any amount you have within these ranges will get you the machine you want. Once you determine how much you want to spend, look at the different brands there are and compare the features on the machines that cost that price. Pick a trusted brand that has the features you personally consider as must-haves in embroidery machines. Sewing Cabinet